If you enjoy the challenge of a mountain bike or road Sportive in your home country, why not consider one of the exciting events held in Tuscany! Here you can experience riding alongside Italian cyclists and at the same time, being totally immersed within the excitement of participating in a Fondo in and around a fantastic area of Tuscany. The Fondos are well organised and all road junctions are policed or safety controlled. Participants will receive a ‘goody bag’ at the time of inscription which can contain either wine or pasta from the area, fruit drinks or cereal bars, even sometimes a drinks bottle. This usually depends on the sponsors involved with the event.

There will be numerous fondos during the season which run from March to October throughout our area of  Tuscany. We will post these on this website, and they will be posted on our Facebook page as soon as the dates and information become available.

When you find a Fondo you are interested in, let us know and we will check on the event’s conditions in respect of participating licence and insurance etc.

The Fondo’s, subject to availability, can be incorporated within a week’s holiday/vacation or a shorter break. As an example, the participants arrive at an airport for collection and welcome at the hotel on the first day, second day, a gentle ride around our scenic area, the third day, participation in a Fondo, fourth day, a gentle ride and the fifth day, return to the airport.  The price package will also be posted on this website as soon as they are available.